WaterCoilsThe coils for our MDK series air handling units are fabricated of 3/8' & 5/8”‘OD copper tubes Finned surface is available in either copper or aluminum, epoxy coated aluminum or treated with blygold. and all joints are made using high temperature alloys for extra reliability. All coils featuring the new corrugated finned surface have tubes mechanically expanded into continuous fins with results in positive fin and tube contact for maximum heat transfer.
The coil casings as standard are made of galvanized steel, upon request a stainless steel or aluminum casing can be provided. Coil headers are fabricated from copper. All headers are painted with anticorrosion paint as standard.
All coils are tested at 30 Bar and can be provided for operation pressure up to 10 bars.
After the coil is assembled on the drain pan, which made of galvanized steel, galvanized steel electrostatically powder coated with an epoxy-polyester coating of thickness 60 ì or with stainless steel SS304 or SS316 the whole assembly slides on the unit guide rails to its final position. The Inlet and outlet coil connections, as well as the drain connection, are sealed on the casing with heavy duty EPDM sealing gaskets.


Electrical Heater Coils

Electrical heater coils are dimensioned for maximum temperature of 1280oC and maximum filament density of 4 W/cm. All electrical heater coils are completer with safety thermostat with manual reset which can be wired by the installer by connecting the appropriate terminal on the coil connection.