A constantly evolving company Klimallco's Marine Air Handling Units have been designed and built to meet all possible requirements for marine air conditioning systems, in full compliance with the most stringent health and safety regulations. Each unit includes standard modular sections, allowing maximum liberty in the selection of the air handling plant, and providing total comfort in the areas of utilization. Adopting state of the art technology, all units are fully assembled in our facilities for stringent vibration and performance tests along with certifications on the motor-fan assembly.  
Units can be delivered semi or totally dismandled in order to be fully assembled  inside the ship's fan rooms UPON REQUEST.

Casing FrameAHU MARINE engnew2018 2
The casing frame is constructed of heavy extruded anodized Aluminum profiles with Thermal bridging factor TB3, jointed together by means of special corner pieces made of PA6 solar radiation resistant glass reinforced poly amide, meeting excellent mechanical characteristics.  The profiles are fixed on the corner pieces via Allen type head screws, that are completely hidden, thus creating an aesthetically perfect box. The profiles themselves are thermally insulated, built in two pieces join means of synthetic bars. Thus any metal contact and therefore heat transfer between the internal part of the unit and the environment is completely blocked. Air tightness is ensured by a double gasket system. The internal gasket profile is inserted in the profile though a special slot and the internal part of the panels are thus completely isolated. Another external EPDM gasket is used where panels are fixed on the casing. This double gasket system has been designed for both positive and negative pressures in the unit. Three different types of profiles are used, one at the unit length and ends, one at the boxes junction and finally a panel separating omega profile for lengthy boxes. The internal surface of the unit is completely flat and very easy to clean. There are no internal frames or other projections. Aluminum profile casing frame is suitable for 50 or 60mm panel thickness.
Upon request casing frame of AISI 316 closed type stainless steel profiles with AISI 316 special construction corners can be provided for panel thickness of 45mm.

Drain Pan

Heavy duty drain pan, deep inclined special design with twin drains 1' diam. Drain tray construction is either of AISI 316/304 steel or of hot dip galvanized steel electrostatically powder coated by epoxy polyester coating. Drain tray is externally insulated by close cell insulation material of 19mm depth avoiding any external condensation.drain inox

Free Flow Fans
The use of free flow fans (Plug Fans) in air handling units offers the following major advantages: Energy saving, since the overall efficiency of the system is higher.Possibility to monitor either the air flow or duct press with precision, in combination with frequency inverters .Unobstructed and uniform internal unit flow, which lead to a better performance of inside components such as coil and filters. In addition, the absence of pulleys has a positive effect on flow uniformity. Klimallco possessing the necessary expertise and knowhow for this type of application, can offer complete built in control panel.

Electric motors

Three-phase asynchronous motors, made by well- known European manufacturers, suitable and certified for operation in Marine environments, with cast iron or epoxy coated aluminum casing. Insulation class F and protection IP55. Motors of varying polarities are available as required, with 380V, 440V,690V – 3 Phase - 60 Hz power supply.

Metal type Panel Filter

The air handling units can be provided with a panel filter metal type in flat arrangement, with face velocity equal to the coil velocity or in a high capacity «W» pattern arrangement with face velocity almost half of the coil velocity. This type of filters is made of synthetic material, the increased filter area found in the «W» pattern extends the life of the filter and reduces resistance to air flow. In both cases, a standard framework of AISI or galvanized steel electrostatically powder coated with an epoxy-polyester coating of thickness 60 μ or is provided. The prefilters are available in media class G2, G3 and G4.
 The filters are of the cassette type, 48 mm depth or 98mm upon request disposable, medium efficiency, consisting of a pleated media pack enclosed in a metal frame. A wire grid to maintain the uniform shape of the pleats, to ensure proper airflow and dust loading at rated filter velocity, supports the media. The media tested in accordance with ASHRAE Standards 52 - 76 and have average arrestance of 85 to 90% or EN 7179 - DIN 53438.

Ducting Connectors

Upon request all ducting connectors can be provided with flexible connections in plasticized fabric with galvanized flanges complete corners holes. The flanges can be made also from AISI 316 or 304.


The handlers are made of nylon high quality handle, with or without key, suitable for external use, with die casted extruded epoxy coated aluminum base and latch to ensure superior corrosion resistance against the most aggressive ambient conditions.
The hinges are made of die casted extruded aluminum epoxy coated to ensures superior corrosion resistance against the most aggressive ambient conditions. 


MDK-m series can be equipped with touch control upon request. The  graphic terminals are TFT touchscreen displays designed to make user interface simple and intuitive. Available in numerous different versions in terms of screen size (4.3", 7", 10" and 13") and level of connectivity (with or without Ethernet port).
The electronics used,  allow management of high resolution images and advanced functions to achieve a high aesthetic standard. The touchscreen panel allows highly simple, intuitive and attractive interfaces to be developed, as well as simplifying human-machine interaction.